Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ya learn somethin' new every day... (WIP Wednesday)

I decided to continue the trend of trying new things and new techniques. Up next on the list of things I hadn't tried yet: Double knitting.

Well, this isn't true. At all. I have tried double knitting before. I was trying to make a scarf for my then boyfriend's roommate but I gave up and just made her a garter stitch scarf. She didn't seem to mind or care that I had knitted her anything. (We haven't stayed in touch.)

And I didn't really double knit this week. I really just knit two things at a time. On the same needles but with different yarn. Someone on Twitter had posted a picture from their sock-inside-a-sock class and I had the urge to try it RIGHT THAT MOMENT. Before I did that though, I talked myself down from the crazy ladder I had climbed and I decided that just trying two washcloths at the same time would be good practice and would result in less injury (probably). I'm glad I started small. I got the hang of it eventually. It was fiddly and I did have to watch numerous videos on different techniques of how to hold the yarn and where to put it when. Because I wasn't trying to end up with a double thick washcloth and was really trying to get two separate washcloths, it was difficult to find something that helped. Eventually I just bastardized the whole process and did my own thing, which if it works...

I'm trying to decide what new thing to try next. There aren't too many techniques that I haven't at least tried out there. Except steeking but why on earth would anyone sane steek something?*

*Leigh would like to say at this time that she doesn't think that people who enjoy steeking are insane even if they do show qualities of crazy people like enjoying cutting up a perfectly good piece of knitting that you just spent hours and hours of work on.

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