Monday, September 30, 2013

Eventful (Day 88 KEDfaY)

I knew this weekend would be eventful. My friend had told me he got tickets to the Colts vs Jaguars game and was going to visit that weekend back in probably July. So I knew I would be busy. There would be hanging out and going to the beach and of course the game. I also got to meet two different people who have both said that they'll take a look at my resume and pass it along. That was unexpected and fantastic. 

Friday night, my friend Dirk and I went out to eat with one of these people. He was a great guy who knew a lot about what he was talking about which I've found to be rare in people who have any position of power. We ate at a fantastic local place, Bistro Aix which I HIGHLY recommend if you're visiting Jacksonville. Their parmesan truffle fries are fantastic even if they did make me want to throw up later. Not because of anything wrong with the fries but because I am a dumbass and ate them even after being told they weren't gluten free. There is a running theme of my being a dumbass this weekend but I'll get to that in a bit.

Dirk and I decided to grab some drinks after having dinner so we stopped at another place just down the road from where we had dinner. We're standing in line waiting to order our drinks when I get the urge to throw up. I know this feeling. I've gotten it numerous times, most of the time because I'm a dumbass. It's the feeling of everything in my stomach wanting to vacate my body as fast as possible and not caring how it gets out. I ducked out of the bar and went to the little indie film theater next door and ran in their bathroom. I didn't puke and everything turned out fine even if I did will myself to not vomit for about 15 minutes. I was even able to enjoy my cider along with great conversation afterward.

I came home and showered and was getting ready for bed. I was watching an episode of The Kids in the Hall, my current favorite for getting ready to fall asleep time. 

Then my mom called me. It's ten till 1 AM at this point. I knew what it would be about. 

"I held her as she passed that way she knew that we all loved her and cared about her." My mom said to me as she and I both tried to hold back the tears. She then handed the phone to my brother. "We treated her like the princess she is," he said through tears. Bagel the Beagle would never walk in the grass if she could walk on the side walk. She would never go outside when it was raining or snowing or threatening to do either. I took her and our other beagle who has also passed, Trini, to the park one time to play in the creek. Trini seemed to enjoy herself but Bagel wouldn't go near it and when we picked her up and put her in the creek, she did all she could to try to keep her paws out of the water. 

My brother and I spent an inordinate amount of time crying on the phone together. I started laughing because the idea of us just crying on the phone seemed absurd to me. We said our goodbyes and the rare, "I love you," as we hung up the phone. I ran to the other room and sobbed into the Boyfriend's arms and he just held me. He didn't even mind that his character was being killed in what ever game he was playing at the time. I eventually decided I was tired and went to sleep but not after posting my favorite picture of Bagel on all social media. I texted my brother and Dirk saying that I wanted to bury her and dig the hole myself and how it made me think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 and how the scene where Harry shouts that he wants to dig Dobby's grave didn't translate well to film. 

Posting this picture again because it's my blog and I can do what I want.

A lot of my friends knew her and loved her. Everyone who met her fell in love with the little blonde beagle. We were often asked if various friends and visitors could keep her. We always joked that she would be the worst guard dog because she will walk up to any stranger and wait for the attention that she thinks she deserves. She was sweet and well tempered. She would put up with pretty much everything, except feet. The only time she ever really barked was when she was asleep on the couch and someone dared to put their feet near her. It hurt my heart when we decided to leave her home, in Indiana. She never dealt with the heat well and since it's still over 80* here daily and will be October tomorrow, I knew she wouldn't cope with the heat here. What hurt the most was not being able to be with her in the end. As I sobbed into the Boyfriend's chest, making his tshirt damp, I choked out, "I wish I could've been there." 

The next two days were a weird juxtaposition. Everything I did that made me even remotely happy, I would remind myself that my dog, my baby, my princess, just died and I wasn't there to be with her. I'm glad I'm back on my anti-anxiety medication otherwise my ups and downs would've been more drastic and there would've been a lot more tears and would've confused everyone I was around and that's not something I need when I'm trying to make people like me so that they'll look at my resume. 

But back to me being a dumbass. We've recently moved to Florida if you haven't been following along. I also burn very easily. I have been relatively careful every time I know I'm going to be outside for more than five minutes at a time. I usually bring sunscreen even though I might not need it. But not this weekend. Sunday we went to the Colts vs Jaguars game. It was a blowout like everyone was predicting but a lot of fun. For those who might not know, EverBank Field is an open stadium. 

That's me after coming home and showering. The yellow lighting doesn't show just how drastic of a difference there is between my pale, pasty skin and my bright cherry red face and chest. My chest and neck are still bright red although the other parts that got too much sun have slightly faded. I am in more pain than should be caused by just sitting outside for too long without sunscreen, that's for sure. 

It's hard to say that I had a good weekend. Yes, I had fun and yes, I did meet people who could help me get a job in a field that I am interested in working in but at the end of it, I just keep thinking that I lost my puppy. 

On Monday afternoon, the most I can say was that it was eventful. 

Friday, September 27, 2013


She's very confused as to why I was taking a picture and didn't respond to me shouting, "LOOK PRETTY" at her. She never responds to me though so I don't know what I was expecting.

Worked more on the supa sekrit project and I am even writing the blog post about it earlier than normal. A friend is visiting this weekend so it might be more posts of just pictures with titles that I think are witty but most people probably won't notice. I like to think I'm a lot wittier than I am. You know how that goes.

I haven't done much other knitting today. The supa sekrit project is VERY slow going. I worked on it for an hour today and the progress is very minimal. I've said numerous times I can't count and the lack of this skill is definitely messing with me on this project. I knew that this project would be a challenge but it's being more of a challenge than I expected. I'm hoping once I get past this part though, it will be easier going. Hopefully.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I have no excuse (Days 83 and 84 KEDfaY)

It was just one of those days where I felt like I was forgetting to do something all day. Seriously, I went to bed still feeling like I forgot something. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what it was.

And then I remembered about five minutes ago.

That's the washcloth that I started yesterday at knitting and finished knitting about five minutes ago. I'm going to do a crocheted edging so I can use up the rest of the yarn because I didn't quite use 50 yards and I need 50 for HPKCHC.

It wasn't like I didn't knit yesterday because I totally did, I just missed writing the post. Go me!

I also worked on the supa sekrit project yesterday. Not a whole lot but I am a little bit further than I was two days ago when I had to rip a bunch back. It's still slow going but it's going. 

I just hope, dear reader, that you can forgive me for completely spacing this blog. Maybe I should set a reminder for myself....

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two steps forward, three steps back (Day 82 KEDfaY)

I wasn't planning on working on this today but after working for two hours on the supa sekrit project and then having to rip out everything I had knit today, I decided I needed something that was much easier to knit and not as difficult to do so I pulled out this again and worked on it a bit. I'm a bit frustrated with the supa sekrit project but it's because I want it to be awesome and perfect so I need to fix things that I would ignore if it were for me. So today was less than productive to say the least. 

Not much else to talk about. I've found my new favorite band because they're awesome and adorable and rock hard. 

I've might've listened to this song and a few others by them on repeat all day. They make me happy. I might have the urge to dye my hair blue again...Or get bangs. I've been told that I shouldn't get bangs because my face is too round. I think because I live in Florida where it's hot and humid all of the time, the last thing I want is hair on my forehead all the time. 

And now you have experienced all of the exciting things I've experienced today. Today's been a slow day. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

What would you do? (Day 81 KEDfaY)

My brother and I were talking today about what we would do if we were mugged. If you know either of us, you know that this is probably a completely normal conversation. I said that I would give the mugger everything I had and then explained to them what I was carrying.

  • My cellphone which is over 2 years old and that I got for free. It's on it's last legs and the Boyfriend actually got me a new battery for it since it wouldn't stay charged for more than 5 hours which is a bit useless if you have a cellphone. 
  • My debit card. If you took the total I have in both my checking and savings, I have less than $15. 
  • My wallet that if you totaled up all of the change, you will be lucky to get a dollar. I don't have enough for a cup of plain coffee, that's what I know.
The mugger would also get an assortment of old concert tickets and movie stubs and probably receipts. There are an assortment of gift cards that might be worth more than everything else I am carrying...If you added them all up...and they were all for the same store...

Most of the stuff in my wallet I would be okay with losing if someone decided they needed my ticket stub from a Decemberists concert in 2009. Sure, it would suck to lose those sentimental things like movie tickets from one of my first dates with my Boyfriend (I have lost the ticket from our first date which was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We then went to Steak and Shake for food and then spent a few hours just driving around. It was the best first date I've ever been on.). Or the concert ticket and movie stub from my brother's birthday the year we saw Jason Mraz then drove across town just in time to see the midnight premier of Harry Potter. I have a picture of my friend Chad in his military dress uniform that I would be sad to lose. And my Boyfriend's student ID from middle school, before he hit his growth spurt and when he was still roly poly which if you met him now, you would never believe he used to be chubby. I have the card I carry around to prove that I am a card carrying geek. (My hard plastic RPGA Master Gamemaster card from 2005.)

After going through my wallet, I actually think my wallet is worth more than everything in it and I got it at Target for $12 two years ago. If a mugger took everything I was carrying, he'd be left with a handful of old tickets and mostly used gift cards and a random knitting project. My purse isn't even worth much. 

My brother agreed and said he'd just hand over what he was carrying which would probably be some ibuprofen and Tic Tacs among other things. Neither of us have ever been mugged or really lived in an area where we might be mugged but it is something that both of us have and will think about. It's one of those, "What WOULD I do in that situation?" self questions that I think everyone should ask themselves once in a while.


The cat in her box. Notice the torn corner of the box from where she initially sat in it. She doesn't care that she's too big for the box. She fits, she sits. 

I also knit today. I got about an hour worth of knitting done earlier before showering and doing laundry and such. I honestly think I'd be much further if I didn't keep messing up one part which is so frustrating. I plan to work on it more tonight and hopefully be more productive on the supa sekrit project. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I lead an exciting life (Day 80 KEDfaY)

I had just woken her up. She is probably plotting to murder me harder now. Totally worth it.

It kinda sucks that I can't show you what I'm working on right now. I can say I spent 4 hours working on it today. I'm keeping track of time so I can accurately gauge how long future projects like this will take me on the off chance I might actually get a commission in the future. I guesstimate it will take me 50 hours. We'll see.

But yeah.

I bought a new face lotion today. That was probably the highlight of my day, at least that I can share with you. So. Yeah. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Realist (Day 79 KEDfaY)

She is sitting in her box. She is a firm believer of, "If I fits, I sits."

Did some sekrit project knitting this morning, hence the picture of the cat. She was pretending to be interested in my phone when really I think she was trying to get close to my hand to eat it. Right now I'm waiting for my swatches to be approved for my OWL because if I'm making this thing, I want points for it too, dammit. 

Skyped again with my puppy today. It sounds weird and it was a little weird but I got to see her. She was definitely more awake today and seemed less out of it, which was nice. About halfway through the call though she decided it was nap time and went to sleep. I'm hoping that she's doing better and it was just a bad few days. I'm hopeful yet realistic. Things are still tough right now. My puppy is still my background picture on my phone. It's a good picture, but it's bittersweet. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Supa sekrit squirrel surprise (Day 78 KEDfaY)

No picture of knitting today. Have a picture of a cat who might be plotting to murder me in this very picture.

The eagle has landed (I got yarn) and I've begun my super sekrit project. It's going to get a full detailed post once the person receiving said project gets it. I don't want to spoil any surprises. Started a swatch for it today so there was some knitting although minor.

The next week or so is going to be tough and posts might be short and brief. My puppy dog that I had to leave back in Indiana (she doesn't travel well and doesn't deal well with heat at all) isn't doing well. My mom called me yesterday to tell me that and then I spent an hour crying. A whole hour. I timed it. It sucks and I feel terrible and guilty and awful and like the worst person ever because I can't be there with her and hold her and generally comfort her. It hurts me because I can't be there for her and I could have very well seen her for the last time. It's an awful, awful feeling. 

I skyped with her today. She had just had a bath so she was generally indignant. She curled up and went to sleep shortly after we started skyping. It was nice though just to watch her sleep, which totally makes me sound creepy but I've already admitted that I skyped with my dog today so... We have another skype date planned for tomorrow. I'm hoping she might be more awake and in a better mood since she won't have just had a bath. 

Did I mention that yesterday was the anniversary of my step-brother's death too? Yeah, yesterday sucked. I remembered as I was sitting in a paper gown, waiting for the doctor to come in and do my annual exam. I don't recommend crying while wearing a paper gown or while waiting for a doctor to come and poke your private bits. 

Exam went well though. Doctor didn't say anything was abnormal when he was poking down there so I'll take it. He did scare the crap out of me though. The little machine that takes your blood pressure and pulse clocked my pulse at 48, which is REALLY low. He commented and I said that I honestly didn't pay attention to that so I couldn't tell you if it were normal or not. He then came in after the pelvic poking exam and told me he was going to do an EKG on me. This is before my mom calling me but after I remembered it was the anniversary of my step-brother's death. EKG was fine but it was enough to add more fuel to the crazy fire that was yesterday. 

So that's been the last 48 hours for me. It's been stressful and depressing. I distracted myself for a good portion of the afternoon today, which was nice. Tomorrow is going to be another day of stress and tears but maybe I can distract myself more with my sekrit project. We'll see...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bad day (Day 77 KEDfaY)

Today was a bad day. All of which I will explain at a later date when I can get my thoughts in some semblance of order. Right now, I have a cider to finish.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PSA from me to you (Day 76 KEDfaY)

Finished a square! Whoo! I know my knitting right now isn't very exciting but it will be soon, in about 10 days or so, at least knitting I can share with you. 

I plied my yarn today at knitting! That was super exciting. It's currently drying in the bathroom. I forgot to measure the yardage before hanging it up but that's fine because my swift hates me so I have to re-skein it and then I'll get the yardage. My consistency was much more...consistent? I was very happy about that. I got I think about a sport weight with some spots of DK because I had to deal with the cat attempting to help me but really just making things worse. Those spots are gross but not that bad. And then of course there are spots that I just plain messed up and couldn't fix at the time.  

I don't know what to work on next. I hope to get yarn for the sekrit project soon so I can start the swatches and then submit it for an OWL hopefully because if I'm going to make this sekrit project, I want points for it, dammit. 

Tomorrow is a very exciting day of going to the doctor and getting my annual exam. It's never fun and mostly just uncomfortable but it's a necessary evil and I need to get it done. Have you gotten your annual exam this year? Go. Do it. Now. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feline (Day 75 KEDfaY)

The Boyfriend was getting ready for work this morning as I was groggily laying in bed, looking through my twitter feed like I normally do, catching up on the news that happened while I was asleep, when he walks in with a sheepish look (at least I’m assuming it was sheepish because I didn’t have my glasses on).

“I think Pebble (the cat from hell) decided to play with your fiber last night,” he said, knowing full well that she was playing with it and that I wasn’t the one who left it in the state he found it whatever that may be.

It's too early to be mad or to get worked up. I brace myself for the worst. Leslie from the KnitGirllls had her dog felt large portions of a batt once so I could end up with that.

I walk out into the living room where the wheel and fiber were and in front of the wheel, not in the bag I had put it in, was my fiber, definitely fluffier than when I had put it up last night. I looked at it, still groggy and half asleep, tried to make some sense of the mess and calmly put it back in the bag. I made sure to zip the bag this time.

While fluffier and not as well groomed as when I went to bed last night, it was still useable. It made for an interesting challenge, trying to sort out the various fibers going in every which direction. There are some spots that aren't as smooth and pretty as the rest of it but it's still my third thing I've ever spun so I'll just use that as an excuse...

I knit some today too. I finished the one square I was working on yesterday and started another one today. I'm pretty happy with how this blanket is turning out and it's working as a palate cleanser even though I haven't really been working on anything big lately so I guess it's really more just entertaining me until I can work on my big projects. I should be getting yarn for the sekrit project soonish and I can start my sweater in about a week and a half. So I'll go from no big projects to two fairly substantial projects. I'm excited though. I want something challenging to do with my time. Hopefully after I finish my two substantial projects, I can add those to a website and then start getting commissions! *dreams happily*

Monday, September 16, 2013

Time keeps on slippin'...(Day 74 KEDfaY)

Today was one of those days where I was fairly busy but I didn't get anything accomplished. Not really anyway. Sure, I got a couple of loads of laundry washed, but they're not folded. The dishes in the dishwasher are clean, they just need put away. I only barely got dressed and I definitely didn't shower (even though I really need to). I barely knit. That's all that I've knit today and that was only in the past hour or so. Today is one of those days that has seemed to just fly by me and I'm sitting back, grasping at the time, trying to get something done to show my accomplishments for the day. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Squared (Day 73 KEDfaY)

Another blanket square done today. Nothing exciting. I am joining them as I go because fuck sewing things together. I also have been recruited for a sekrit project so there might be some posts in the future that have no pictures but just a reassurance that I did in fact knit. Or I'll try to get pictures of the cat that way people can be distracted by that. She is a very pretty cat but she's mean. She's like the worst person. 

I also spun some today. I did yesterday too but I finished up the first half of this braid. I'm quite excited about it because my consistency has gotten much better. Right now I just need to work on treadling which is proving to be more difficult than originally thought. Part of me wants to have it finished and plied for knitting on Wednesday so I can show it off but then another part of me wants to wait since I do have such a limited fiber stash right now. DILEMMAS! 

That's about it in my world right now. I am insanely jealous of everyone talking about their beautiful fall weather that they're getting. It hit about 95* here today. I was sitting in my air conditioned apartment, sweating. I really do miss Indiana right about now. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Oops...- Finished Friday (Day 71 KEDfaY)

There's my completed shawl that I was planning to get done sometime before the 28th. I wasn't expecting to get it done so soon. Oops? I also haven't decided yet if this is a gift or if I'm keeping it. I want to wash it first and see if that helps the shedding. 

I also got another blanket square done. Only quite a few more to go. I have until November for those though so I'm fine. 

I'm debating on starting another braid of fiber tonight. I want to but at the same time I want to save it... Oh the dilemmas. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Itchy itchy, scratchy scratchy, ooh I got one on my back-y! (Day 70 KEDfaY)

I've had bad reactions to mosquito bites all my life. As I've said before though, I didn't know my reactions were worse than others. I just thought that sometimes they bite harder or deeper or more and you get bigger bites and that's how I got softball sized mosquito bites. Then I was told that no, that wasn't normal. 

And then I got my most recent bite that has made my arm look like I was attacked. It's blistered and oozy and bruised. And all it is is a mosquito bite. I tried to find some sort of home remedy that other's who have the so delicately named "Skeeter Syndrome" have used but everything I've found has said that their doctors recommended benadryl and ice and waiting. In extreme cases, there would be a steroid shot. After three days of as much benadryl as I can take while still being functional, my bite is now back to the size of a quarter, as long as I don't use my arm. As soon as I start using my arm, it starts to swell again which then makes it itch and hurt. On top of this monstrous bite, I haven't felt the greatest the past few days and I'm starting to suspect that this bite is why. Some people with the same reactions as me have said that they also get a fever and general gross, sick feelings. From a mosquito bite. Have I mentioned that I live in northern Florida and there are literal swamps surrounding our apartment complex? 

I have knit today. I knit quite a bit actually. I'm now on the decreases for my scarf/shawl thingy. I like it but I don't like it shedding. I might make another one for me but in different yarn and then give this one as a present.

I also started a blanket square (not pictured) for HPKCHC. One of the challenges is to make 15 50-150 yard things between now and sometime in November. I have 2 done already and if I make squares then I can get some charity blankets out of the way too. The pattern is nothing special. I'm knitting them the same way as a washcloth. I then measured 25 yards, tied a knot, and made that the halfway point for my square so that I know how much yarn to use and won't accidentally use too much yarn. Having a set stash for an undetermined amount of time means a lot more planning in my projects. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I think I'm in love (Day 69 KEDfaY)

Worked some on my scarf/shawl thing today at knit group. I was really digging it and then while out today and working on it, the one yarn was shedding all over the place. I think I ended up with enough to make a small skein on me today while knitting it. It might be gifted if it doesn't stop shedding because who wants to deal with that? 

I also skeined up my latest spinning and took both of my hand spuns to knit group and was told by someone who teaches spinning that they are really good for a beginner which made me feel all sorts of awesome. She suggested a few tips to help fix some problems I have so I might do that soon. Then again, since this skein is for me, I might just leave the mistakes and deal with it later. We'll see. 

In other news, I might've found a small freelance job. It has nothing to do with anything else that I've done in the past 6 years but it could lead to more freelance jobs and that's definitely what I need right now. So fingers crossed that it goes well! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'Round and 'round (Day 68 KEDfaY)

Finished plying this yarn today. It was an adventure because I realized halfway through plying it that I was doing it wrong. And then when I was done I realized it was REALLY over spun so I had to go back and take some of the twist out, which was a new experience. It's now hanging to dry in the bathroom so that I can hopefully take it to knit group tomorrow to show it off. There's only one spot that I'm really upset with but once it's knit up, no one will notice it. Now to decide what to make with it. And to measure how many yards I have.

I also got a few more rows knit on my new scarf thingy. Not very exciting but I got more done.

All of this is impressive seeing as what I did this morning.

Now this picture takes some explaining. I'm sorry it's a bad picture but I was using my phone. I woke up when the Boyfriend did, as usual, and realized that the mosquito bite on my arm that I had gotten yesterday was really swollen and big and it hurt. I decided a benadryl would probably help so I took one then went back to sleep for 3 hours and woke up and was having all sorts of issues such as difficulty typing because my hands and my brain weren't talking to each other. So the orange circle is how big my mosquito bite was when I woke up today after taking a benadryl. The blue circle is about the biggest it got before the swelling started to go down. It's now somewhere in between the two sizes. For reference, I can fit a Coke cap in the orange one without it touching any sides of the weird, misshapen circle. YEAH.

And for those who aren't paying attention, THAT'S A MOSQUITO BITE. I don't react this way EVERY time I get bit, but I do when I get bit regularly. It took four mosquito bites this year for my body to decide "fuck it" and swell like a mofo. I put an ice pack on it earlier and all it did was make my arm cold. At this point, it doesn't even really itch, I mean it does itch, but mostly it just hurts and it's warm. It's not fun. And I didn't know that this was abnormal until I was about 17 or 18. I thought this happened to everyone. I thought that some mosquito bites were just really bad and they got huge and gross like this. The worst one that I remember got to the size of about a large orange before the swelling started to go down. That's when I started circling them as a record of how big they got and how the swelling was progressing. Boy just looked at me tonight, as I was making the blue circle and said, "Your art is weird." Some people just don't understand my message. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey, Mikey! I think she likes it! (Day 67 KEDfaY)

So...Um...That's 4 oz of fiber spun onto that bobbin...If I had to wager if I liked spinning or not, I'd say yes. I need a cushion for the chair I'm using though because my hurts. 

I've been knitting too, just not anywhere near as much as I've been spinning. I started a scarf thingy today for myself. I've been working on so many other things for other people that I decided this would be a fun little project before my sweater and a good way to use up some deep stash. I'm talking like 4 or 5 year old skeins of yarn. Some of the oldest yarn in my stash. So, you should all be impressed. It's just going to be a simple Baktus shawl/scarf thingy. I figured it will be nice for winter around here and if I really don't like it when I'm done, I can give it to someone for a Christmas present. We shall see how it goes! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Primary colors (DAY 66 KEDfaY)

Finished a washcloth today. Wound and skeined my handspun (137 yards). Got more done on the blanket square I'm making. I'm trying to decide just how to make the square. My original idea didn't quite work out. Other than that not much has happened today. It's been a lazy day with the Boyfriend, each of us working on our own thing. I kinda like days like these but I don't like it when I feel like I haven't accomplished anything even though I have. I don't know. I'm in a blah mood right now. Maybe some food would be a good idea...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to (Day 65 KEDfaY)

There's my very first handspun! Ain't it purty? My dinky camera phone made it look all grey and black but it's really a dusky purple and black and very pretty. I got somewhere around 140 yards although I want to measure it again once it's dry. My swift has a tendency to bow funny when you get a few rotations of yarn on it so since this is probably going to be a gift, I'm going to remeasure it using the ever technical dining room chair method. 

I also knit today. I started yet another washcloth and a blanket square for a charity blanket that I'm eventually going to donate. Not a whole lot going on there. I'm waiting to get my BROOM approved and then I get to wait until the 28th to start my sweater but I am excited about it still. 

But for the meantime, I am going to resist spinning all of the fiber I have. I really quite enjoy spinning. It is nice. Really nice. I enjoy it and I'm not even that good at it. 

And I might even have a commission coming my way! It's for a hat but a commission is a commission! Now to just get more of them! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

It makes me wanna wag my tail! (Day 64 KEDfaY)

I love mail. I can't explain why but there's something about going and getting a package out of the mailbox, or even a letter, that makes me incredibly happy. I think it might be related to the idea of opening presents on Christmas and for birthdays and how much joy those presents bring. A lot of the time though, I just want to continue opening things and unwrapping them, not even necessarily getting things, just taking the paper off of them. It's a weird concept that I still haven't quite figured out yet.

My birthday is tomorrow and while that's a whole other thing by itself, I am excited that I'm getting mail. I am expecting 4 more packages from various people which means that mail for the next week will be doubly exciting. Right now, the daily mail routine is me stalking the mail carrier until she's done putting mail in all of the boxes (because it's weird when you go and check mail while she's still putting it in all of the boxes for some reason. I don't quite know why) and then going and looking in the box and seeing the little slip that has our name on it. It's largely unexciting but I still enjoy the possibility of having something waiting just for me. 

Here's my spinning. I think I'm getting the mechanics of it all. I do have a problem with over-spinning my yarn but I am hoping that I will stop that once I get more practice in. I'm doing fairly well with consistency which I'm happy with. 

And I even knit more than a row or two today! I finished the washcloth (which I think had a total of 10 rows left) that I had started at knitting on Wednesday. I probably could've finished it if the coffee shop where we meet wasn't closing. 

I have been told by multiple people now that I knit fast. That makes me feel good. I like to think that I'm a damn good knitter but having other people compliment your knitting is always nice. At this point, I think the easiest way to make some sort of income for me has to do with knitting or fiber arts of some kind. The suggestion of commissions was brought up and while I haven't knit for too many people before, I wouldn't mind doing it now. I have a LOT of free time and I spend a good portion of it knitting so if I could knit for someone else and make money off of it, it would be the perfect situation. Now to just find people who want to pay me to knit things. I'm sure that won't be too difficult. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I finished my washcloth today and got 2/3 of the way done on another one but that's not what's important.

That is what's important. 

It is my big present from my wonderful, fantastic, superific boyfriend whom I love with a good portion of my heart. I am quite excited to actually start spinning. I just put some twist back into some recycled cotton I salvaged from a very ugly pink sweater that will become some very ugly pink washcloths (notice a theme?). I won't start actually spinning until tomorrow probably. But it's wonderful and I love it and now I face a load of anxiety and apprehension because what if I hate it? What if I never pick it up? What if my hands fall off of their own accord? 

But for right now, I'm just going to enjoy it. :D!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antici....pation (Day 61 KEDfaY)

Three day weekends always mess me up. I spent a good portion of today thinking that it was Monday when it definitely isn't. Today is just one of those days that feels sorta off. I didn't do much. We're battling ants right now and so I spent more than I'd like to admit of my free time today killing those suckers. Right now we have a trap and bait and hopefully between the two they will soon die and leave us alone. The Boyfriend bought some ant traps from the store but they avoid them like the plague. I've looked up various homemade recipes and traps to try to get rid of these guys and so far they seem to be working although they have now decided to brave the cinnamon lines I've put everywhere. Our kitchen right now looks 100% crazy person-esque but if having lines of baking powder and cinnamon everywhere keeps them away then I'll live with it.

I knit on a washcloth today. It's going to be one of my classes for HPKCHC. I'm about halfway done with it right now and could very easily finish it tonight buuutttt....

I got part of my birthday presents today. The Boyfriend is in the running for Boyfriend of the Year right now. These two lovely braids are only a small part of my birthday present. I am probably not going to get the big part for a while but I really want to play with these and pre-draft them and prep them for spinning for when I do get my wheel. I'm very, very excited. I spent a good portion of my day today watching various Youtube videos on how to spin. I feel like at this point I have a very good grasp of the concept and the basics but now I just need to take the method and apply it. It could all turn out horribly wrong like me trying to apply the method to real life when attempting to drive a manual car. But for right now I remain incredibly excited and I absolutely cannot wait to try out my new toy. Once it gets here of course. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

So long, farewell... (Day 60 KEDfaY)

My family left bright and early this morning. The trip seemed quick and whirlwind-esque but I'm glad they came down and visited me. Aside from going to the beach-each, we didn't do much more than we normally do. We sat around and talked and played board games. I made a cake yesterday and we all ate my birthday cake. It was the best birthday present I could ask for (although my present from the Boyfriend is a VERY close second. More when I actually get it).

I just finished the washcloth today. It's nothing too exciting. It's my second project ever turned in for HPKCHC and I'm quite excited. I have various other things I need to either start or work on soon or plan a bit better than, "Ehh...I think that might work....?" The problem with knitting only from stash is running out mid project when you thought you had enough or you wildly underestimated how much yarn you had or how much yarn the project would take. Takes the fun right out of knitting when you have to start all over because you don't have yarn. I'm willing to go back and fix something and rip out hours of work because of that but having 3/4 of a hat that you can't finish because you don't have yarn to finish it is frustrating. 

I've been working on this blog post for about two hours now. You might be wondering why. So am I.