Friday, September 20, 2013

Supa sekrit squirrel surprise (Day 78 KEDfaY)

No picture of knitting today. Have a picture of a cat who might be plotting to murder me in this very picture.

The eagle has landed (I got yarn) and I've begun my super sekrit project. It's going to get a full detailed post once the person receiving said project gets it. I don't want to spoil any surprises. Started a swatch for it today so there was some knitting although minor.

The next week or so is going to be tough and posts might be short and brief. My puppy dog that I had to leave back in Indiana (she doesn't travel well and doesn't deal well with heat at all) isn't doing well. My mom called me yesterday to tell me that and then I spent an hour crying. A whole hour. I timed it. It sucks and I feel terrible and guilty and awful and like the worst person ever because I can't be there with her and hold her and generally comfort her. It hurts me because I can't be there for her and I could have very well seen her for the last time. It's an awful, awful feeling. 

I skyped with her today. She had just had a bath so she was generally indignant. She curled up and went to sleep shortly after we started skyping. It was nice though just to watch her sleep, which totally makes me sound creepy but I've already admitted that I skyped with my dog today so... We have another skype date planned for tomorrow. I'm hoping she might be more awake and in a better mood since she won't have just had a bath. 

Did I mention that yesterday was the anniversary of my step-brother's death too? Yeah, yesterday sucked. I remembered as I was sitting in a paper gown, waiting for the doctor to come in and do my annual exam. I don't recommend crying while wearing a paper gown or while waiting for a doctor to come and poke your private bits. 

Exam went well though. Doctor didn't say anything was abnormal when he was poking down there so I'll take it. He did scare the crap out of me though. The little machine that takes your blood pressure and pulse clocked my pulse at 48, which is REALLY low. He commented and I said that I honestly didn't pay attention to that so I couldn't tell you if it were normal or not. He then came in after the pelvic poking exam and told me he was going to do an EKG on me. This is before my mom calling me but after I remembered it was the anniversary of my step-brother's death. EKG was fine but it was enough to add more fuel to the crazy fire that was yesterday. 

So that's been the last 48 hours for me. It's been stressful and depressing. I distracted myself for a good portion of the afternoon today, which was nice. Tomorrow is going to be another day of stress and tears but maybe I can distract myself more with my sekrit project. We'll see...

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