Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two steps forward, three steps back (Day 82 KEDfaY)

I wasn't planning on working on this today but after working for two hours on the supa sekrit project and then having to rip out everything I had knit today, I decided I needed something that was much easier to knit and not as difficult to do so I pulled out this again and worked on it a bit. I'm a bit frustrated with the supa sekrit project but it's because I want it to be awesome and perfect so I need to fix things that I would ignore if it were for me. So today was less than productive to say the least. 

Not much else to talk about. I've found my new favorite band because they're awesome and adorable and rock hard. 

I've might've listened to this song and a few others by them on repeat all day. They make me happy. I might have the urge to dye my hair blue again...Or get bangs. I've been told that I shouldn't get bangs because my face is too round. I think because I live in Florida where it's hot and humid all of the time, the last thing I want is hair on my forehead all the time. 

And now you have experienced all of the exciting things I've experienced today. Today's been a slow day. 

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