Thursday, September 12, 2013

Itchy itchy, scratchy scratchy, ooh I got one on my back-y! (Day 70 KEDfaY)

I've had bad reactions to mosquito bites all my life. As I've said before though, I didn't know my reactions were worse than others. I just thought that sometimes they bite harder or deeper or more and you get bigger bites and that's how I got softball sized mosquito bites. Then I was told that no, that wasn't normal. 

And then I got my most recent bite that has made my arm look like I was attacked. It's blistered and oozy and bruised. And all it is is a mosquito bite. I tried to find some sort of home remedy that other's who have the so delicately named "Skeeter Syndrome" have used but everything I've found has said that their doctors recommended benadryl and ice and waiting. In extreme cases, there would be a steroid shot. After three days of as much benadryl as I can take while still being functional, my bite is now back to the size of a quarter, as long as I don't use my arm. As soon as I start using my arm, it starts to swell again which then makes it itch and hurt. On top of this monstrous bite, I haven't felt the greatest the past few days and I'm starting to suspect that this bite is why. Some people with the same reactions as me have said that they also get a fever and general gross, sick feelings. From a mosquito bite. Have I mentioned that I live in northern Florida and there are literal swamps surrounding our apartment complex? 

I have knit today. I knit quite a bit actually. I'm now on the decreases for my scarf/shawl thingy. I like it but I don't like it shedding. I might make another one for me but in different yarn and then give this one as a present.

I also started a blanket square (not pictured) for HPKCHC. One of the challenges is to make 15 50-150 yard things between now and sometime in November. I have 2 done already and if I make squares then I can get some charity blankets out of the way too. The pattern is nothing special. I'm knitting them the same way as a washcloth. I then measured 25 yards, tied a knot, and made that the halfway point for my square so that I know how much yarn to use and won't accidentally use too much yarn. Having a set stash for an undetermined amount of time means a lot more planning in my projects. 

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