Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feline (Day 75 KEDfaY)

The Boyfriend was getting ready for work this morning as I was groggily laying in bed, looking through my twitter feed like I normally do, catching up on the news that happened while I was asleep, when he walks in with a sheepish look (at least I’m assuming it was sheepish because I didn’t have my glasses on).

“I think Pebble (the cat from hell) decided to play with your fiber last night,” he said, knowing full well that she was playing with it and that I wasn’t the one who left it in the state he found it whatever that may be.

It's too early to be mad or to get worked up. I brace myself for the worst. Leslie from the KnitGirllls had her dog felt large portions of a batt once so I could end up with that.

I walk out into the living room where the wheel and fiber were and in front of the wheel, not in the bag I had put it in, was my fiber, definitely fluffier than when I had put it up last night. I looked at it, still groggy and half asleep, tried to make some sense of the mess and calmly put it back in the bag. I made sure to zip the bag this time.

While fluffier and not as well groomed as when I went to bed last night, it was still useable. It made for an interesting challenge, trying to sort out the various fibers going in every which direction. There are some spots that aren't as smooth and pretty as the rest of it but it's still my third thing I've ever spun so I'll just use that as an excuse...

I knit some today too. I finished the one square I was working on yesterday and started another one today. I'm pretty happy with how this blanket is turning out and it's working as a palate cleanser even though I haven't really been working on anything big lately so I guess it's really more just entertaining me until I can work on my big projects. I should be getting yarn for the sekrit project soonish and I can start my sweater in about a week and a half. So I'll go from no big projects to two fairly substantial projects. I'm excited though. I want something challenging to do with my time. Hopefully after I finish my two substantial projects, I can add those to a website and then start getting commissions! *dreams happily*

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