Sunday, September 15, 2013

Squared (Day 73 KEDfaY)

Another blanket square done today. Nothing exciting. I am joining them as I go because fuck sewing things together. I also have been recruited for a sekrit project so there might be some posts in the future that have no pictures but just a reassurance that I did in fact knit. Or I'll try to get pictures of the cat that way people can be distracted by that. She is a very pretty cat but she's mean. She's like the worst person. 

I also spun some today. I did yesterday too but I finished up the first half of this braid. I'm quite excited about it because my consistency has gotten much better. Right now I just need to work on treadling which is proving to be more difficult than originally thought. Part of me wants to have it finished and plied for knitting on Wednesday so I can show it off but then another part of me wants to wait since I do have such a limited fiber stash right now. DILEMMAS! 

That's about it in my world right now. I am insanely jealous of everyone talking about their beautiful fall weather that they're getting. It hit about 95* here today. I was sitting in my air conditioned apartment, sweating. I really do miss Indiana right about now. 

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