Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey, Mikey! I think she likes it! (Day 67 KEDfaY)

So...Um...That's 4 oz of fiber spun onto that bobbin...If I had to wager if I liked spinning or not, I'd say yes. I need a cushion for the chair I'm using though because my hurts. 

I've been knitting too, just not anywhere near as much as I've been spinning. I started a scarf thingy today for myself. I've been working on so many other things for other people that I decided this would be a fun little project before my sweater and a good way to use up some deep stash. I'm talking like 4 or 5 year old skeins of yarn. Some of the oldest yarn in my stash. So, you should all be impressed. It's just going to be a simple Baktus shawl/scarf thingy. I figured it will be nice for winter around here and if I really don't like it when I'm done, I can give it to someone for a Christmas present. We shall see how it goes! 

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