Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PSA from me to you (Day 76 KEDfaY)

Finished a square! Whoo! I know my knitting right now isn't very exciting but it will be soon, in about 10 days or so, at least knitting I can share with you. 

I plied my yarn today at knitting! That was super exciting. It's currently drying in the bathroom. I forgot to measure the yardage before hanging it up but that's fine because my swift hates me so I have to re-skein it and then I'll get the yardage. My consistency was much more...consistent? I was very happy about that. I got I think about a sport weight with some spots of DK because I had to deal with the cat attempting to help me but really just making things worse. Those spots are gross but not that bad. And then of course there are spots that I just plain messed up and couldn't fix at the time.  

I don't know what to work on next. I hope to get yarn for the sekrit project soon so I can start the swatches and then submit it for an OWL hopefully because if I'm going to make this sekrit project, I want points for it, dammit. 

Tomorrow is a very exciting day of going to the doctor and getting my annual exam. It's never fun and mostly just uncomfortable but it's a necessary evil and I need to get it done. Have you gotten your annual exam this year? Go. Do it. Now. 

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