Friday, September 6, 2013

It makes me wanna wag my tail! (Day 64 KEDfaY)

I love mail. I can't explain why but there's something about going and getting a package out of the mailbox, or even a letter, that makes me incredibly happy. I think it might be related to the idea of opening presents on Christmas and for birthdays and how much joy those presents bring. A lot of the time though, I just want to continue opening things and unwrapping them, not even necessarily getting things, just taking the paper off of them. It's a weird concept that I still haven't quite figured out yet.

My birthday is tomorrow and while that's a whole other thing by itself, I am excited that I'm getting mail. I am expecting 4 more packages from various people which means that mail for the next week will be doubly exciting. Right now, the daily mail routine is me stalking the mail carrier until she's done putting mail in all of the boxes (because it's weird when you go and check mail while she's still putting it in all of the boxes for some reason. I don't quite know why) and then going and looking in the box and seeing the little slip that has our name on it. It's largely unexciting but I still enjoy the possibility of having something waiting just for me. 

Here's my spinning. I think I'm getting the mechanics of it all. I do have a problem with over-spinning my yarn but I am hoping that I will stop that once I get more practice in. I'm doing fairly well with consistency which I'm happy with. 

And I even knit more than a row or two today! I finished the washcloth (which I think had a total of 10 rows left) that I had started at knitting on Wednesday. I probably could've finished it if the coffee shop where we meet wasn't closing. 

I have been told by multiple people now that I knit fast. That makes me feel good. I like to think that I'm a damn good knitter but having other people compliment your knitting is always nice. At this point, I think the easiest way to make some sort of income for me has to do with knitting or fiber arts of some kind. The suggestion of commissions was brought up and while I haven't knit for too many people before, I wouldn't mind doing it now. I have a LOT of free time and I spend a good portion of it knitting so if I could knit for someone else and make money off of it, it would be the perfect situation. Now to just find people who want to pay me to knit things. I'm sure that won't be too difficult. 

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