Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'Round and 'round (Day 68 KEDfaY)

Finished plying this yarn today. It was an adventure because I realized halfway through plying it that I was doing it wrong. And then when I was done I realized it was REALLY over spun so I had to go back and take some of the twist out, which was a new experience. It's now hanging to dry in the bathroom so that I can hopefully take it to knit group tomorrow to show it off. There's only one spot that I'm really upset with but once it's knit up, no one will notice it. Now to decide what to make with it. And to measure how many yards I have.

I also got a few more rows knit on my new scarf thingy. Not very exciting but I got more done.

All of this is impressive seeing as what I did this morning.

Now this picture takes some explaining. I'm sorry it's a bad picture but I was using my phone. I woke up when the Boyfriend did, as usual, and realized that the mosquito bite on my arm that I had gotten yesterday was really swollen and big and it hurt. I decided a benadryl would probably help so I took one then went back to sleep for 3 hours and woke up and was having all sorts of issues such as difficulty typing because my hands and my brain weren't talking to each other. So the orange circle is how big my mosquito bite was when I woke up today after taking a benadryl. The blue circle is about the biggest it got before the swelling started to go down. It's now somewhere in between the two sizes. For reference, I can fit a Coke cap in the orange one without it touching any sides of the weird, misshapen circle. YEAH.

And for those who aren't paying attention, THAT'S A MOSQUITO BITE. I don't react this way EVERY time I get bit, but I do when I get bit regularly. It took four mosquito bites this year for my body to decide "fuck it" and swell like a mofo. I put an ice pack on it earlier and all it did was make my arm cold. At this point, it doesn't even really itch, I mean it does itch, but mostly it just hurts and it's warm. It's not fun. And I didn't know that this was abnormal until I was about 17 or 18. I thought this happened to everyone. I thought that some mosquito bites were just really bad and they got huge and gross like this. The worst one that I remember got to the size of about a large orange before the swelling started to go down. That's when I started circling them as a record of how big they got and how the swelling was progressing. Boy just looked at me tonight, as I was making the blue circle and said, "Your art is weird." Some people just don't understand my message. 

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