Monday, September 23, 2013

What would you do? (Day 81 KEDfaY)

My brother and I were talking today about what we would do if we were mugged. If you know either of us, you know that this is probably a completely normal conversation. I said that I would give the mugger everything I had and then explained to them what I was carrying.

  • My cellphone which is over 2 years old and that I got for free. It's on it's last legs and the Boyfriend actually got me a new battery for it since it wouldn't stay charged for more than 5 hours which is a bit useless if you have a cellphone. 
  • My debit card. If you took the total I have in both my checking and savings, I have less than $15. 
  • My wallet that if you totaled up all of the change, you will be lucky to get a dollar. I don't have enough for a cup of plain coffee, that's what I know.
The mugger would also get an assortment of old concert tickets and movie stubs and probably receipts. There are an assortment of gift cards that might be worth more than everything else I am carrying...If you added them all up...and they were all for the same store...

Most of the stuff in my wallet I would be okay with losing if someone decided they needed my ticket stub from a Decemberists concert in 2009. Sure, it would suck to lose those sentimental things like movie tickets from one of my first dates with my Boyfriend (I have lost the ticket from our first date which was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We then went to Steak and Shake for food and then spent a few hours just driving around. It was the best first date I've ever been on.). Or the concert ticket and movie stub from my brother's birthday the year we saw Jason Mraz then drove across town just in time to see the midnight premier of Harry Potter. I have a picture of my friend Chad in his military dress uniform that I would be sad to lose. And my Boyfriend's student ID from middle school, before he hit his growth spurt and when he was still roly poly which if you met him now, you would never believe he used to be chubby. I have the card I carry around to prove that I am a card carrying geek. (My hard plastic RPGA Master Gamemaster card from 2005.)

After going through my wallet, I actually think my wallet is worth more than everything in it and I got it at Target for $12 two years ago. If a mugger took everything I was carrying, he'd be left with a handful of old tickets and mostly used gift cards and a random knitting project. My purse isn't even worth much. 

My brother agreed and said he'd just hand over what he was carrying which would probably be some ibuprofen and Tic Tacs among other things. Neither of us have ever been mugged or really lived in an area where we might be mugged but it is something that both of us have and will think about. It's one of those, "What WOULD I do in that situation?" self questions that I think everyone should ask themselves once in a while.


The cat in her box. Notice the torn corner of the box from where she initially sat in it. She doesn't care that she's too big for the box. She fits, she sits. 

I also knit today. I got about an hour worth of knitting done earlier before showering and doing laundry and such. I honestly think I'd be much further if I didn't keep messing up one part which is so frustrating. I plan to work on it more tonight and hopefully be more productive on the supa sekrit project. 

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