Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antici....pation (Day 61 KEDfaY)

Three day weekends always mess me up. I spent a good portion of today thinking that it was Monday when it definitely isn't. Today is just one of those days that feels sorta off. I didn't do much. We're battling ants right now and so I spent more than I'd like to admit of my free time today killing those suckers. Right now we have a trap and bait and hopefully between the two they will soon die and leave us alone. The Boyfriend bought some ant traps from the store but they avoid them like the plague. I've looked up various homemade recipes and traps to try to get rid of these guys and so far they seem to be working although they have now decided to brave the cinnamon lines I've put everywhere. Our kitchen right now looks 100% crazy person-esque but if having lines of baking powder and cinnamon everywhere keeps them away then I'll live with it.

I knit on a washcloth today. It's going to be one of my classes for HPKCHC. I'm about halfway done with it right now and could very easily finish it tonight buuutttt....

I got part of my birthday presents today. The Boyfriend is in the running for Boyfriend of the Year right now. These two lovely braids are only a small part of my birthday present. I am probably not going to get the big part for a while but I really want to play with these and pre-draft them and prep them for spinning for when I do get my wheel. I'm very, very excited. I spent a good portion of my day today watching various Youtube videos on how to spin. I feel like at this point I have a very good grasp of the concept and the basics but now I just need to take the method and apply it. It could all turn out horribly wrong like me trying to apply the method to real life when attempting to drive a manual car. But for right now I remain incredibly excited and I absolutely cannot wait to try out my new toy. Once it gets here of course. 

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