Friday, August 9, 2013

I seee youuu (Day 36 KEDfaY)

I'm really bad about being a monogamous knitter. I have numerous projects right now in varying states of finished-ness. Most of these are blankets but those are hard to work on in the summer when you're sweating sitting still let alone with a blanket sitting on your lap. 

I had thought that I might've lost my knitting mojo and it has definitely decided to go on vacation and leave me behind. I've wanted to start a sweater for a couple of days now but the sweater I had planned for this yarn no longer appealed to me so I went down the pattern hole on Ravelry trying to find something new and exciting that caught my eye. The pattern that did it is Ginny's Cardigan from the new Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine that I want so much holy crap it's hard to describe how much I want it. I like the idea of the lace panel down the back but I wanted a sweater not a cardigan so I started looking through one of my knitting treasuries and sure enough, in the lace section was the same (or incredibly similar) lace pattern. I now know what I want to do and I even swatched for it, even if I did miss a yarn over and it's pretty obvious now but I was just trying to see how it would work up. I also want to do it top down which would mean how the pattern is written right now, the owls would be upside down. I'm going to try just reversing it and see how that goes. 

I started watching Once Upon a Time. I did it because I was bored and everyone who watched it says it's so great. I'm almost done with season two. It gets a hardy "meh" from me. The plots are a bit ridiculous and some of the characters have no motivation to their actions but it's fun and it does poke fun at itself every once in a while and I like that in a show. 

The Boyfriend comes back from his trip tomorrow so I'll finally have someone to talk to besides the cat who I believe thinks that I am the reason the Boyfriend is gone. I might be wrong but this cat is crazy so we'll never know. 

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