Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adjustments (Day 47 KEDfaY)

Anyone who has talked to me knows that my adjustment to Florida living hasn't been the easiest. I didn't think that Florida and Indiana would be that different but boy was I wrong. Earlier this week, I killed my first cockroach. We live in a brand new building that has been bug proofed to the gills and yet, I killed a cockroach. I have been told that this isn't new or surprising or even out of the ordinary and actually normal. In Indiana, I would've called maintenance right away and demanded they do something and something would've been done. But since this is Florida, I've been told that not much can be done. 

I don't like the weather. Today was the first day that I walked outside to get mail and didn't immediately regret the decision but it was still like walking through a bowl of chowder to get to the mailbox. 

Compound the constantly changing weather with my already chaotic allergies and you get me with a headache every day. Sometimes ibuprofen works. Sometimes a decongestant works. Sometimes I just have to lay in bed and hope my head gets the exploding over and done with. 

And then there's the fact that I hardly know anyone. True, I am meeting people and making new acquaintances and hopefully new friends but I miss my family a lot.
My birthday is in about two weeks and while I've known that I wouldn't be able to spend it with my family like I normally do, when I said it outloud the other day, I almost cried. There's somethings you can't adjust to or take longer than a couple of months. That's one of them.  

But I'm trying to think of the positives. Some days it's just harder to make that list than others. 


Finished a washcloth today. The stringy end bits are from the fact that this yarn is from a Goodwill sweater. I just tied the ends in knots where usually I do a Russian join or try to hide the ends. I figure the knots will make good scrubber bumps or something. What to work on next is the big question. I really want to start my sweater but I have to wait for HPKCHC. I hope that this will mean that I won't get bored with it and not finish it. 

Maybe I should finish a blanket or two....

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