Monday, August 12, 2013

Best laid plans... (Day 39 KEDfaY)

I never used to be a fan of knitting swatches. I always thought that they were a waste of time and if something didn't work out right, I'd just rip the whole thing out. 

In recent knitting adventures though, I've thought that I might as well should at least see what it would look like. I'm glad that I've started doing this. 

The sweater that I talked about the other day was going to get another swatch today. I had already finished up the washcloth that is pictured above (and is currently sitting in my Christmas Present box to be gifted to someone random) and thought that I should take a crack at reversing that pattern so I can do what I wanted to do with it (top down raglan with the lace panel). Well that didn't work. Unfortunately the lace pattern that I chose and have my heart set on cannot be reversed, at least not easily so therefore not by me. My knowledge of how lace works is very minimal. It's a lot like baking to me. It's very precise and a science almost and if you are off a little then the whole thing could be a mess and I have no idea how any of it works. I know the basics of both but beyond that, I have to follow a pattern/recipe. This metaphor is getting a bit convoluted and not well described.

I wanted to knit it top down so I could make it long enough and then still have enough yarn for sleeves and not worry too much about running out but now that I have to knit it bottom up to get the lace panel I want, I'm going to worry about running out of yarn. It isn't a rare yarn, Loops & Threads Impeccable worsted, but I don't have money to buy more yarn if I need it. Being broke sucks, don't it?

Now I just have to be more conscious of how much yarn I use. Luckily I have some of that yarn in a different color that I used to knit the swatch out of (the swatch is grey where the sweater is going to be red). It's not going to be cast on for a little while though. I joined the HPKCHC so that I could feel more accomplished when I finished something and I'd like to make the sweater for the first term. I'm also hoping to finish up some other stuff laying around here before start of term so that I don't have as many WIPs just sitting around. Since a lot of them are blankets though, I think my goal is just to get some work done on a few of them. Maybe sort my scraps I have sitting on my desk. Maybe make a washcloth or two for presents. 

We'll see.  

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