Thursday, August 29, 2013

Failure (Day 55 KEDfaY)

I knew it was going to happen eventually. I knew at some point I would fail and I wouldn't get a post up. I figured it would be sometime while we were traveling or while I was home for Christmas. I didn't expect it to be a day when I literally spent 4 hours knitting with 6 other women. 

I even had a post planned yesterday. The project I'm currently working on is a sweater that has been needed to be fixed for two years now. It's just been moved from laundry to winter storage to knitting pile and back and never been fixed. The edging didn't lay right and even though hundreds of others online said the same thing, I ignored them all and didn't pay attention. So I failed there too. Yesterday though, I picked it up and went to work on it. I ripped out the old border and I'm within 4 rows and a bindoff of finishing this sweater and having it, hopefully, be wearable. 

But yesterday, after getting home, I was so distracted by food and cleaning and reading that I completely spaced writing a post. 100% didn't even cross my mind. 

Today is going to be a day full of Gettin' Shit Done. I have laundry to fold. Dishes to wash. Kitchen to clean. Bathrooms to clean. Office to finish organizing. Book to finish reading and an email to write about it. And of course knitting to do and write about. Today is going to be one of my busier days around the house but it's a good thing. I not only have something I need to do today, which is rare, but it's because that by this time tomorrow, my family will either be here or be within a few hours of here and that is really exciting.

But right now, I need coffee. 

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