Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some days you just wanna (Day 34 KEDfaY)

My arm has been hurting again. I don't have enough variety in my daily routine so my arm stays in a similar position all day. That can obviously cause problems.

I'm also trying this new thing where I write more on the random ideas have flying around in my head. I went to the pool and wrote some at there. I made myself finish the first chapter today and I'm slowly working out the second chapter. Maybe I can get that done tomorrow.

I realize that this is all very exciting for you.

But there's my knitting. That's seriously all I've knit today which is weird for me. I honestly just didn't want to today but to continue my challenge, I made myself. Just a few stitches on a washcloth because there's no such thing as too many washcloths.

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