Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kitty! (Day 54 KEDfaY)

There's a picture of a scared looking cat and my finished washcloth. That's the cat that is trying to murder me so don't let her terrified face fool you. She is an evil mastermind and is trying to off me at any chance she gets. (I don't have proof, just lots of scrapes on my feet from where she's attacked me as I've had to walk by her. She's a bitch, dude.)

But I finished my washcloth today. I was hoping to get other things done too but waking up late and then getting the great news that my family is in fact coming to visit and giving directions to them and advice to the driver (who isn't technically family but she's there at all of the family gatherings so she might as well be) on how to deal with my mom and brother. I love my family to death but my mom and my brother, when cooped up in a car and when traveling, tend to get snippy with anything and everything. Being a third party isn't fun especially if you're not related and haven't gone on a 14 hour car drive with them before. I've been there and it isn't that much fun. 

They're showing up Friday morning and going to stay the weekend. It makes me happy because, while it isn't my birthday, it's darn close enough that I won't get all weepy about it. I hope to have a great weekend with them but in the meantime I have to organize our apartment so that three more people can be here. It's not dirty so it's not really cleaning but more organizing everything. Our apartment is definitely less than organized right now. 

But I'm fighting the urge to go to sleep right now. I made a delicious meal of gluten free fried chicken and potatoes and corn and gravy and now I'm fat and sleepy. A nap sounds awesome right now. Mmm nap.

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