Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jealousy (Day 37 KEDfaY)

I hate it when I find a blogger that's funnier than me and wittier and makes me laugh out loud and then makes me want to be their real best friend and jealous of how awesome they are. I hate it because that's what I strive to be. I strive to be that person that's funny and witty and makes the readers laugh out loud and makes people want to be my best friend (internet best friend will suffice unless you give me pizza, then we'll talk). But it's hard to be funny every day. It's hard to be funny at all especially when you don't have anything interesting to say or do.

My daily routine:

  • Wake up
  • Check Twitter (for the news, you know)
  • Check my daily webcomics (the Funnies part of the internet newspaper)
  • Tell myself that I need to stop being a lazy bum and go work out, c'mon it isn't going to kill you! It's not like you have anything better to do! 
  • Work out
  • Shower
  • Watch 2 hours of Will and Grace
  • Dick around on the computer and internet, wishing I had something more productive to do
  • Maybe clean something?
  • Maybe make dinner?
  • Knit some
The worst part is when my daily routine doesn't change much from a weekday to the weekend. I just have more dicking around time on the internet and for some reason I have decided that it's the weekend so therefore I don't need to workout because what sane person works out on a Saturday? (Saturday also appears to be the day that I break the blender while attempting to make fancy coffee. Ugh.)

I enjoy writing, that's why I started this blog, was so I could write about knitting and do two things I love. But I'm a non-fiction writer. I enjoy writing about the silly hijinx I get into and talk about the crazy but true stories from my childhood. It's hard to write creatively about your boring ass life when the highlight of the day is that no one else is in the workout center when you are because really, who enjoys working out with other people around?

So that's why I've been phoning in my posts. Just writing a bit about what I knit that day and what I'm planning on doing with it because that's all I got going right now which is really sad now that I've made that realization.



There's my knitting so far for today. I did a little past the heel on this sock that has been staring at me to finish for a while now. I do just need to sit and finish it and then possibly maybe even write up the pattern for it. 

I might knit more later but my hand is sore and the Boyfriend is back from his trip so I actually have someone to talk to that isn't a cat and who will actually respond to me with something other than pissed off meows. 

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