Friday, August 16, 2013

Bittersweet (Day 43 KEDfaY)

So I had this mole. I have a lot of them actually but most of them aren't that big or noticeable or annoying but I have a few that I've had pegged for removal as soon as I can afford it. (Because they're not cancerous or possibly cancerous, insurance won't pay for it because it would be a cosmetic surgery. *eye roll*)

But I had this one, in a very private area. It's one that my mom would tell all of my high school boyfriends that if they ever saw it, she would castrate them. My mom sure does know how to embarass me. 

It wasn't in the way of anything per se, it was just annoying and ugly as most moles are. It wasn't a nice accent mole like Cindy Crawford but big and ugly and hairy. 

I've removed a couple of moles before. They were small and in danger of being ripped off by various pieces of clothing so I removed them. This one though was big and because of the area, I was afraid of possible infection because sweat is not good for open wounds.

(At this point I would like to say that I'm not a medical professional and any medical professional would probably scream and yell and possibly faint at me for doing what I did but hey, at least I sterilized the scissors I used.)

But since I'm unemployed and have nothing but time right now, I decided to get rid of it. And I did. Today was its last day and now it's sitting on my desk.

I always get weirdly sentimental about these kinds of things. I mean, I don't want it, I didn't want it and I never liked it but it's a part of me that's now sitting on my desk. It's a little bittersweet to me. 

And probably a little creepy too. 

Back in the not at all too personal or creepy world of Leigh, let's talk about knitting!

I decided to make a washcloth. I'm planning on making a bunch and giving them to the Boyfriend's mom probably. She's a Doctor Who fan like most of the other people I know so I decided that this one would be perfect for her and it wouldn't be so boring that I'd want to poke my eyes out. It was a relatively simple pattern and I plan on making at least two more, possibly more. It would've gone faster if I could count but we all know that I can't count. I had to rip back a couple of times but since the whole thing is only 35 stitches wide, it wasn't that big of a deal. 

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