Monday, April 22, 2013

Best not shared right now

I just spent the last hour writing a post that I felt needed a different audience.

I recently inherited a lot of baby colored yarn, pastel blues and greens and yellows with a little bit of pink. The woman I inherited it from was one of the truly good people I have ever met, no matter how awkward that sentence sounds. She regularly donated to various wildlife funds and would always stop to ask you how your day was and was actually curious about it.

I would never personally use this yarn. I don't plan on having children for a very long time and I don't know of anyone who currently is waiting to give birth. But I do know that she would've wanted me to use the yarn and give the resulting item to someone who needed it. So that's what I'm doing. I'm knitting up various baby accessories to donate to local charities. Premie caps, blankets, maybe a sweater or two, all of it will be used by someone who needs it.

It's what she would've wanted.

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