Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keep keepin' on

This past week has been more eventful than I would normally hope for. Impromptu visits home, important phone calls, apartment searching, waiting. Waiting is the worst. I'm no good at waiting. I have a long list of plans that I would like to accomplish but they have to wait. Waiting is no fun.

So instead I've been keeping myself occupied, trying to ignore the laundry list of things that I want to be doing and instead working on things that I also want to be doing but are far less important in my mind.

A new swatch today. Tentatively called the Panty Droppers. Even if they don't become popular socks, at least they'll be fun. That's all I want out of life is to have fun and be happy. Something to keep me busy instead of worrying about waiting. Waiting is tough, have I mentioned that?

I also need to remember that this blend of yarn (45% Viscose, 40% Nylon, 15% Angora) is very fragile. I tore this yarn multiple times when it would get snagged on itself while ripping it out. Recycling yarn is the cheapest way I've found to get somewhat better quality sock yarn. Sure it's a lot of work and sometimes you end up with a pile of yarn that no longer looks like a sweater and resembles more of the aftermath of an atomic explosion but it's worth it for the good yarn you can end up with.

I've never really been a fan of swatches up until about a month ago. Now it seems the only things I actually finish right now are swatches. They're important too, just not as productive as finishing a sock. I have a lot more swatches planned for the future.

Something to keep me busy while waiting I guess.

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