Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chaos (Days 343-351)

I'm still knitting.

And I'm kinda crocheting too.

And reorganizing everything, like a spring cleaning but in June.

I'm trying to find a daily rhythm that's adaptable to my life and the chaos that seems to be ever present.

Just trying to get shit done without going crazy or losing motivation or will.

I know my year of knitting is coming up and I'm excited. I've enjoyed documenting my progress and seeing what I've actually gotten done in the past year while I tried to stay sane.

I'm trying to figure out what my next theme will be. Do I continue with the knitting theme? Or do I do a "craft" every day. I've taken up crocheting more and spinning has been added to my list of skills so I don't see why not. I've also been journaling like crazy and planning a bigger, long term craft project that involves a quilt and a map. It's gonna be great.

But until then, I guess I'll just keep knitting.

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