Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ahem... (Days 320-332)

Well, we'll just ignore that right? That long gap of silence? Yeah, that wasn't on purpose. I've just been busy.

Aside from work, there's been a lot at home that I've wanted to accomplish and very little of my precious free time in which to do it.

It doesn't help that all of my projects I'm working on right now are big. Shawls and such. Mostly shawls. And various squares for blankets for different things.

And I still haven't gotten into the swing of things. I don't have a routine and it's difficult to get into a daily rhythm when your schedule is constantly changing and you never work the same hours or same shifts. I don't have a schedule I adhere to at home aside from the mandatory shower once I get home from work because, seriously, I stink when I get home. 

But I have been productive. I've been knitting and crocheting and spinning. I've been trying to get ahead or at least on schedule with any of my projects because as soon as I think that I'm on track, I suddenly realize that there's only three more days in the month and I was very wrong. 

The good news is that I'll hopefully be able to start teaching soon. I've given the store manager everything she's asked for and then of course she went on vacation so hopefully sometime next week she'll let me know if I need to do anything else aside from make fliers. But yay! Teaching soon! And more money! Which, since I've decided that I need new work shoes (because I do) and of course the ones I want are the cost of an entire paycheck of mine (no joke) then I really need that extra money.

I'm also trying to figure out how to make money from spinning. I really enjoy doing it and while I might not have the highest quality of yarn yet, I'd like the option. But I don't know how I should go about doing that.

But these are worries for another day. Today I am hoping to get caught up on some knitting and maybe organize the mess that I call my desk. Maybe.

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