Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm alive. I promise. (Days 315-319)

Holy crap, you guys.

I really don't recommend working 7 days in a row in retail. Especially when you have to walk to and from said job, in Florida, in the summer.

Along with my aching feet that I don't think will ever feel normal again, I have an awesome heat rash creeping on my leg. At least I hope it's a heat rash. I go to the doctor on Tuesday for a checkup on my anxiety meds so I'll ask him then.

But I have been knitting. Sure, some nights it was only two or three stitches, but dammit, I have been knitting.

Knitting is just a stitch at a time so those two or three stitches, no matter how minor and few, were actually progress.

Knitting really only has been my shawls I have going. I know I have other stuff I should attempt to work on but finding free time is difficult. 

And now if you'll excuse me, I have more dishes to clean than I'd like to admit. And then later, a trip to the vet! I was told that today is my day off but by my to-do list, you wouldn't believe me. 

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