Tuesday, May 13, 2014


My dear readers.

I have failed. I did not knit yesterday. I thought about it and there were times I wish I had my knitting with me but I didn't. I didn't even knit one stitch. My project stayed promptly in the bag and didn't come out at all.

I failed. And I was so close to finishing my goal. I know I was still 55 days out but in the grand scheme of things, that's pretty close.

I haven't decided what the plan is from here. Along with being at Universal, I decided that I was going to continue the long tradition of getting sick while going on vacation. I think (and hope) it's just a cold but we'll see. Being sick combined with walking around all day and of course the no sleep I get when I am sick, I'm a bit slap happy and can't really think straight.

As a sign of apology, here's a picture of the Hogwarts Express.

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