Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Red (Day 305 KEDfaY)

I've gotten a lot done on my shawl. I have the lace pattern figured out, it's looking like I want it to look. I'm not having too many issues keeping count and everything but I was having problems. When I really got into knitting, my grandmother got me the Boye interchangeable circular knitting needle set for Christmas. It's one of my favorite presents ever and I absolutely love it. I've used those needles to hell and back and abused them in any way possible along the way. But they aren't known for being the best quality. The joins are clunky. The cables are stiff and bumpy and when you're working on small needles, like the smallest size, US sz 2s, it's a bit difficult to push your stitches from the cable over the bump, over the join and onto the needle. I had looked at needles and thought about getting a new pair just for this project but then told myself I didn't need them.

And then I got a payment for doing a study about finances or something. I don't know, I just know I got $12. $12 is more than enough for a pair of Chiaogoo Red Lace needles.

Mine should get here Thursday.

I am very excited about this and I know that my gauge may change but because it's lace, and not a complex lace pattern, I think it'll be fine. I am excited to try these new needles out. I've heard good things and of course I will report back with my opinions on them.

So my knitting today was a bit on my OpArt blanket. It might become my "Oh shit. I need to knit something today," project. It's easy and easy to drop and pick up randomly.

Work today was a bit better than it has been. I was given the task of rearranging shelves and while I hate fake flowers, it was still a wonderful half of my shift. I love organizing and would be completely happy just doing that for the rest of my time at Big Box Craft Store. Now to only convince the managers of this.

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