Sunday, May 4, 2014

Not Picture (Day 303 KEDfaY)

So, I was going to take a lovely picture of my shawl and all of the progress I've done on it but for some reason the phone didn't want to cooperate and I'm WAY too lazy to get the camera out and take an actual picture so you're just getting me talking about not having a picture today.

I did get a lot of progress on my shawl and I think I have the main lace motif figured out which WHOO! I don't do lace so me figuring something out it crazy awesome.

Right now though, I'm gonna eat some yogurt, watch some TV then head to bed.

P.S. Please remember that cashiers are people too. We don't allow you to use coupons because we don't like you. We do it because we're following company policy and I really like the money I'm getting from my job so not getting fired is like, my only goal right now.

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