Thursday, May 15, 2014

Change of plans (Day 311)

So here's my plan.

I missed a couple of days because I suck. There's honestly no real reason except that I forgot. Poor planning and being overwhelmed by Harry Potter and excitement and being sick all combined left me a bit fried. There's no other reason besides that.

So my plan.

I'm just going to continue. It obviously won't be "every day for a year" now but I will keep going for 365 days total. It sucks. I know. I'm kinda kicking myself for it because it was going to be such an awesome accomplishment that I could point to and say, "Hey! Even when I didn't have a job or anything, I was still accomplishing things!"

Here I am at day 311/365. Maybe I'll actually get there and finish this now. It'll just be a few days later.

Here's my knitting for today. I'm working on my shawl still. I'm a *little* bit behind schedule but not so much that it's a bad thing. I just need to get ahead before other things happen like more family visits or more work. When I was hired they told me I'd get at most 15 hours a week and now I'm averaging 23 which is great but cuts into my knitting time even more. I'll also be able to start teaching knitting soon. I just have to get the classes planned out and fliers made and class supplies lists made. Fun stuff! It's all stuff that I have thought about but I just haven't written down yet.

Right, back to chores on my day off because I'm an adult now. Sad.

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