Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rocky (Days 301 and 302 KEDfaY)

I promise I knit yesterday. I had a shift at work then came home and bathed then met with my knit group so there was actual knitting.

I was going to write a blog post when I got home but as a "congratulations on your job!" present, The Boyfriend got me a new keyboard! I was so distracted that I forgot so I then just went to bed because I was tired.

I don't think I've told this story. So one morning, I got up to get on the computer. I got up when the Boyfriend did because I had a busy to-do list that day so it was early and I was tired. I walked to my desk and realized that it was wet. There was something on it. I then saw my coffee cup from the day before that had about half an inch of coffee left in it, was knocked over. I then spied my cat who seemed to be grooming himself more than usual. I moved my keyboard, my nice, pretty, expensive Mac keyboard that The Boyfriend had gotten me for our anniversary, and it was drenched in day old coffee. I took it to the kitchen, covered it in what rice we had and then left it. My keyboard never worked again.

Luckily, because my Boyfriend is a computer nerd, we have lots of extra keyboards. Unfortunately, the only keyboard that would work with my computer was huge and bulky and didn't like to work half of the time. I was not happy with it but I used it begrudgingly because I knew that a replacement keyboard was out of my non-existent price range. So I dealt with it. And it sucked. But it was useable so I couldn't complain.

But now I have a nice shiney new keyboard and it's pretty and I love it and it distracted me from writing an actual blog post last night.

In knitting news, I got the okay to start my OWL shawl, so that's what I worked on yesterday. I was doing well and then of course I dropped not one, but TWO stitches, in lace. Luckily there is a very wonderful woman in my knitting group who fixed it for me so I didn't have to rip out everything I had done to that point. And now that I'm home and not distracted by various chit chat and awesome conversation, it seems to be going better. I do have a long way to go though, so that could all change at some point.

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