Monday, March 24, 2014

Periods, amirite? (Day 262 KEDfaY)

It seems like every month, I lose more and more of my motivation and when my motivation is low to begin with, it isn't helpful in getting anything done.

On the knitting front, I have gotten a good portion of sock numba two done. Depending on how much yarn I use, I might even be able to get a third sock from this yarn, which would make me super happy. For this one though, I am using the ever popular Baudelaire sock pattern from Knitty. It's surprisingly easy. It has been in my queue for years and for the longest time I was intimidated by it, being toe up and everything. But now that I actually know what I'm doing, the intimidation has disappeared. It's much easier than I anticipated and it's even working out relatively well in this yarn. It's even going surprisingly quick now that I've figured out the lace pattern, something that isn't difficult but uses some non-traditional stitches.

I also need to work on the baby blanket to mail it off. It's halfway done now and I've just started watching a new TV series so I figure it should get done soon. I started Veronica Mars because everyone has said that I should watch it. And Everyone was correct about True Detective so maybe they'll be right about Veronica Mars too.

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