Monday, February 10, 2014

Inch by inch (Day 220 KEDfaY)

I feel like every row is taking longer and longer and the rows right now are simple and don't require a whole lot of attention and yet they are still taking eons.

I'm gonna talk more about writing now so if you're not interested you can tune out.

I've been trying to work on an essay a day, whether that's starting a new one or working on an old one or trying to find a someone to publish one of my completed ones. I'm finding it more difficult to find someone to publish my essays than it is to write them. In other news, if you know someone who is accepting creative-non fiction essays, please let me know!

Today I started an essay that's full of emotion and I'm forcing myself to work on it. I'm terrible about writing about bad things because I don't like to be sad and, if given the choice, I'd much rather crack a joke than attempt to write about my shitty childhood. But today I started one and it's not easy to write about and because of this, I'm not happy with how it's going so far. Sometimes you have to pick at those scabs though.

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