Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Refreshing change of pace (Day 214 KEDfaY)

So, as you may know, about 7 months ago, my Boyfriend and I moved from Indiana to Florida. I've commented a lot about how this change has affected me but the biggest thing, that I deal with daily, is the water.

Now this might seem silly but hear me out.

I have sensitive skin. Like, the dumbest, driest, most sensitive skin the world. I know this and it sucks but I've gotten used to it.

It has gotten worse since I've moved to Florida. Why? The water. Now, it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out it was the water that was making my skin feel like it was peeling off of me in chunks, something that it only did sometimes. (You know that scene from the Breakfast Club when Ally Sheedy is brushing her dandruff onto the desk? Imagine that but with skin from my face. Seriously.)

After taking a bath one night and wondering why the water smelled like chlorine, it dawned on me. The water. The water was what was making my skin worse than normal. No amount of lotion or water I drank or oil I put on my skin was helping because, duh, the water was ruining it. I imagine swimmers have gone through similar things.

I put together a rigorous and annoying showering routine that involved petroleum jelly and filtered water, the rash on my face finally cleared up, for the most part. I still look like a little kid who has drank nothing but red Kool Aid all day, but the gross blisters on my face have gone.

I was getting fed up. So fed up that I requested we get a filter for our shower. I didn't know if they existed or not but I needed something because, while the rash on my face was gone, the rash was starting to pop up all over my body. All. Over. I was only showering every three days because I couldn't handle showering every day. The pain and discomfort that I dealt with afterwards just wasn't worth it.

And then we got our new shower filter.

Now, I've only taken a shower once since we got it but I'm already looking into nominating it for a Nobel Prize of some sort. It's that good. For the first time since moving to Florida, I haven't felt like I wanted to claw my skin off. It doesn't feel tight or itchy or dry. It feels like skin should after a shower.

I think I'm in love with my shower filter.


In knitting news, I've started a mystery washcloth because they're fun and it's a way to get me to knit every day. I'm doing this one if you're curious or want to join in the fun!

I haven't worked on my vest at all today because UGH. Everything is going fine, it's just taking forever and that is discouraging me.

I have done some spinning tonight. More fiber for my aunt. I'm really enjoying this batch of roving. It's a lot more fun than the boring brown.

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