Friday, February 28, 2014

Achoo (Day 238 KEDfaY)

Well, I took Buddy to the vet today. The good news is that he's gained weight since we got him and since he is a big cat, just a huge framed cat, and he was underweight when we got him, that was really good news.

The bad news is he has allergies, which since this could've been a lot worse, I'll take it.

The fun part now is to try to figure out what he's allergic to. Could be his food, could be the pollen in the air (which there is so much of that it is caking everything outside) or it could be fleas. Since we haven't seen any fleas on him or Pebble or in our apartment, we're thinking it's a food allergy or the pollen.

I am very glad that I could help him and I'm even happier that the vet could help him. She gave him two shots, a steroid for the allergies and an antibiotic from the secondary infection from him over-grooming himself. He was so well behaved. But now the fun begins, trying to figure out what is causing all of his bald spots.


As for knitting, I officially have started the second half of a very late Christmas present. I hope to get it done next month and turn it in for detention for HPKCHC and then off to the mail.

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