Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The End (Days 363-365)

Here I am at the end of my year long mission to knit every day. I wish I had something pithy or clever to say about it other than, "Holy shit, I actually finished it."

But I am actually surprised in myself. I've said before how I didn't expect to make it this far. That I would get distracted by something else, like a job or something floating in the breeze. But I didn't fail my mission until I was so overwhelmed by Harry Potter that knitting wasn't the first thing on my mind.

And then I still continued. I still powered though, determined to finish a year of knitting, even if it wasn't every day in a row. And sure, getting a job and working has cut into my dicking around time, but I am still knitting. And I'm officially on the class list for teaching beginner knitting at the Big Box Craft Store that I work at which I am incredibly excited about.

Looking back, I've actually accomplished a lot. I've gotten a lot knit and finished including a mountain of Christmas presents, numerous washcloths and even got a few lingering works in progress out of my stash. We won't talk about the many, many others that are just chilling out in my closet right now. And of course, the biggest accomplishment is still finishing this thing. 

Right now, my plan for the future is to start a new year long project but not until August 1st. It'll be a little bit different format since I do have a job and will be quite busy but hopefully, dear reader, you'll still stick around. I'll be taking a little time off from the whole blog thing but only until August. So never fear, my illuminating quips about knitting and crafting and everyday life will be returning but, I don't know about you, I need a break.

Have a good summer and thank you for coming with me on my mission.

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