Friday, July 5, 2013

Of goals and ambitions (Day 1 of Knitting Every Day for a Year)

Day One

I make a lot of goals for myself. Small things like "I will exercise every day this week," or "I will write one journal entry every day," or "I will do dishes every evening." Most of the time, I actually do these things for about three or four days and then quit. 

I was up to about three weeks on the "write a new journal entry every day" thing before a bad case of depression took over and I didn't want to write down that today was another shitty day for no apparent reason. 

And I don't work out every day but I am getting good at working out every other day which, hey, I'll take. 

And dishes are getting done every day but only because I have nothing else to do while waiting for food to cook and it takes just a few minutes to throw some plates into the dish washer.

There are a few people about the internet who are doing neat projects like 100 sewn dresses in a year  or creating something small every day for a year. It's projects like these that make me want to accomplish something similar. 

I knit every day. There are very, very few days where I haven't knit anything and most of those days were because I was resting my wrist because I have terrible posture and form. So I figured why not actually prove that I knit every day. Show some progress that isn't just me tweeting about random complaints I have about the pattern or yarn or my own cock ups. I already knit all of the time so why not try to make a project out of it? 

And if I make a blog post to go with it, I figure then I am forcing myself to write every day too which, as someone who calls herself a writer, I should really do more often. 

So here it is. The first post in my attempt to knit and record my knitting every day for a year. 

Should be fun, right?

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