Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HAT/Another unoriginal post title (Day 26 KEDfaY)

Today is one of those days that started out alright but then one small thing made the whole day have a sour mood about it. I hate these days and I hate how easy they happen. 

Got some more done on the hat I started yesterday. I'm almost ready for the decreases and then it'll be off of the needles! If I wanted to, I could probably finish it tonight. Hell, I might finish it tonight, just depends on how enthusiastic I am about knitting on it later. Since it's going to be a present, I want to stay positive while working on it. I'm not a super believer in the whole idea that if you think positive thoughts while you make something then the person that receives it will have positive results but I don't want to make something while thinking awful thoughts and then the person have negative things happen to them. That would make me feel guilty and definitely not help my current mood.

Think I might go read for a bit. Any suggestions? 

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