Monday, July 8, 2013

Off Day, Not a Day Off (Day 4 KEDfaY)

You have one of those days when you try something, try to work on something or make something or do something, and you just fail? Today was one of those days for me in the knitting realm.

I pulled out some scrap yarn because I was going to make some baby booties to donate to charity. I've made this pattern before and I blew through both of them in about an hour so I was pretty confident. I glanced at the pattern again to remind myself what I had done because I didn't follow the pattern exactly. And when I finished the baby bootie, it didn't look at all like a cute little bootie but a misshapen blob of yarn that wouldn't be able to used as a bootie but more of a coin purse if you didn't mind all of your change falling out and it not really be able to be used as a coin purse at all.

So I ripped it.

I wanted to do something though, something small and intant gratification-y because I haven't finished something in a few days and I haven't finished something that wasn't a sock in even longer so after looking through my queue on Ravelry for a bit, I decided on a square for a blanket. It isn't for any blanket I'm working on right now, it's just a square. Why? Because we all have that pile of squares that we're going to make into a blanket eventually one day, right? Of course you do! If not, then you should.

So there it is. My sorry excuse for an attempt to get something done. It's not even a really big square. I casted on 27 sts on size 8s and k3tog every other row. It's about 3"x3". I have no idea what I'm going to use it for but, dammit, I finished something and most importantly, I knit today.

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