Thursday, July 11, 2013

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed (Day 7 KEDfaY)

Everyone has those days when they don't quite get enough sleep or their head twinges just a little bit, enough to be annoying but not enough to need to take medication, or you can't quite get your underwear to fit right. Because of this small inconvenience, the whole day you get annoyed by every minute detail that isn't quite perfect.

Today is one of those days.

Last night I went through my yarn stuffs and various projects because I got the urge to do so. I was debating on starting a Hemlock Ring blanket  and was trying to distract myself from actually doing that. It's a beautiful blanket and I will make it some day, I even have the yarn in mind right now, but I told myself I need to finish some projects first.

While going through my yarn and organizing my side of the hobby closet, I saw my log cabin blanket. I pulled it out to see where I was on it and how much more I needed to do and I realized that it was ugly. Super ugly. So ugly that I can't even pretend that I like it. Now I could frog it but it's really close to being baby blanket size and I do still have yarn that I've set aside for it so I decided to finish it and put it in the donate pile. I'm sure someone somewhere will need it for something, even if it's just a blanket to put on the floor for the baby to play on.

I got a good chunk of a strip done last night and finished it up this morning and picked up for a second one. But today I hate everything.

This blanket that I already didn't like, I hate more. The yarn that is OLD Red Heart variegated that I set aside for this blanket? I want to set it on fire.

Again, I hate everything today.

Of all the things I hate today though, I hate my bank the most. If you follow my personal account on twitter, you've read about my battle, 140 characters at a time. I was supposed to get a new card at the end of May because my debit card expired then. The last time it expired, I was sent a new one without me calling or asking and it was wonderful. This time though is VERY different. Four phone calls with a 5th coming up to challenge a replacement fee that I shouldn't have been charged in the first place, 6 weeks after I started this fiasco, and I still don't have a debit card. Good thing I don't have bills to pay or groceries to buy. They told me I could go to a local branch and have it all taken care of in no time. That'd be great except Jacksonville, FL, one of the largest cities in the US, doesn't have a branch of my nationally recognized bank. So I get to sit and wait for this card to hopefully show up this week and then call them again. And because it's a bank and not like a store or a restaurant, they can't do anything to compensate me for their massive fuckups. I get to sit and wait and call them and deal with their shitty service. It took four phone calls for anyone to apologize to me. Four. And all I got was an insincere apology that was hidden in a script for the customer service person to follow. I know it's not the individual's fault and I haven't yelled at anyone except myself in frustration because they get paid the same amount whether I'm nice or a complete bitch to them and really, who wants a stranger yelling at them? I know I don't, hence why I don't do customer service.

Like many other things in life right now, I'm frustrated because I can't do anything. I get to sit and wait. That's what my life is right now, sitting and waiting, waiting to hear back about a job interview, waiting to get my debit card, waiting to get a job. Sitting and waiting. And it sucks. I am awful at waiting.


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