Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunshine State of Mind (Day 21 KEDfaY)

Look at how beautiful and sunny it is outside. How the palm tree is shining in the sun and everything seems just so perfect!

(This is where I pretend that I sat outside and knit today. I didn't. It's currently 90* F with a Real Feel of 102* F. Since I'm working with acrylic yarn that tends to be squeaky and gross in the best of conditions, I didn't feel like sitting outside in the sun where everything would be multiplied. My hands are sweaty just thinking about it. I figured though, dear readers, that you were sick of basically the same picture every day so I decided to change it up a bit. So you get a palm tree. It's a nice palm tree. It's definitely better than the one next to it that you can't see but that is directly outside the window that my desk looks out of. It's just so sad. It hasn't quite recovered from being transplanted yet. 

My plants haven't either. Well, I take that back, they all have except my Japanese Peace Lily. My other plants, the coffee tree, the lemon tree, the cactus, are all doing well. Who would've thought that putting tropical plants in a tropical climate would really make them happy? My aloe plant wasn't doing great but I moved him inside and now he's much happier. I did the same with my JPL but it's still kinda mopey. I'm hoping that they next few days of love and attention will help it feel happier.

Yes I am one of those people who talks to and names their plants. I name a lot of things and talk to a lot more other things so this shouldn't really be a surprise for you in the future.)

But there it is! I worked more on the blanket again today. I am definitely going to run out of the yarn I am using for the border but I'm done with 2.5 sides and just have 2 more corners to turn and then I'll have it off of my needles. Whoo! I'm trying to get it done for a KAL in one of the groups I'm in on Ravelry. I don't do a lot of KALs but I figure one that is just trying to get things off of the needles is right up my alley since I have all of the projects ever on my needles. It would be nice to just get some things done, clean things up if you will. Supposedly having clutter makes it more difficult to be creative or whatever. I don't think this is the case but merely a ploy to get creative types who tend to be messy to clean up once in a while. While I do tend to let things get cluttered when I am busy and stressed, I am neither of those right now so things around here are pretty clean, or at least as clean as I can get them. There is a lot of the Boyfriend's clutter around that I can't clean because 1, I don't know what it is and 2, I wouldn't know where to put it. I am still working on organizing his random stuff but it's been put on pause right now because the next tub I need to sort had a bottle of bike chain oil spill in it while moving and I don't feel like cleaning it up. I mean, would you want to clean bike chain oil off of random electronic components? Me neither hence why the tub is currently sitting on our dining room table. 

I don't know if I'm going to be able to get this blanket done this week. I can probably get it done by Monday but not if I also want to get that sock done but I'm not really in a rush to get that done because I have no one to test knit it for me. If you're interested, please contact me and I'll get the pattern out to you as soon as it's done!

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