Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SOCKS/Unoriginal title is unoriginal (Day 12 KEDfaY)

You know how yesterday I talked all about not being lazy and working out everyday because, what else did I have to do to occupy my time? 

Yeah, well, I didn't workout today.

I have an excuse though. Last night, as I tried to fall asleep for about two hours, I laid in bed with a sinus headache. It wasn't quite a migraine but it felt like it was threatening to turn into one. I eventually fell asleep and was lucky enough to wake up with said headache. I took meds, drank water, drank coffee and finally started to feel better as my sinuses slowly drained. I still have a lingering headache but since I don't have any decongestants, I just have to deal with it for now. 

So I didn't workout.

Instead I laid in bed and started a toe for the third prototype sock for the Panty Droppers while watching Will and Grace. I finished the second one a couple of days ago and it turned out pretty well I think. There is a minor tweak in the pattern and I have to figure out how to word it but I think that this pattern just needs to be written up and sent to test knitters at this point. (If you are interested in test knitting or tech editing, please email me at leftoverknits (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the pattern as soon as it gets typed up! No experience needed, just willingness to deal with my probable mistakes. Please note that I am le supre broek so I can't offer anything besides the pattern and a winning smile and an internet high five and a mention/link in the final pattern.)

I decided to knit this sock in both a solid color and a variegated one for the photos because I think it will actually work well in both. The pink-ish/light red sock was made from some Kool Aid dyed yarn I did years ago. I was hoping for a nice dark red and used numerous packets of black cherry Kool Aid but I was young, naive and just plain dumb and didn't know that cotton wouldn't dye and that yarn is a wool/angora/cotton blend. The wool and angora took the dye well but no matter how many more packets of Kool Aid I added to the sink and how black the water looked, it wouldn't get darker. You live and learn. I like to call this dyelot "Hamburger Helper" because it really does look like raw hamburger, even more so when it was in a gross tangled mess. I put the unwound skein in the dryer. Did I mention I was just plain dumb at this point?  

I also got to the last chart-y bit in my Aeolian shawl last night. That was really exciting! And I remembered to put in another lifeline before I started the next section. This section is the incredibly complicated one so if anything terrible is going to happen (again) it will be there. I might hunker down with some Woodchuck and try to finish it tonight. I have to say that I am really enjoying knitting this lace shawl even though up to this point, I have hated lace. I blame an immature knitter Leigh who attempted too much while knowing too little and having too little patience/not enough booze or ability to buy booze. 

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