Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My name is Leigh, and I have an addiction (Day 5 KEDfaY)

So that small mitered square I made yesterday? I blame it.

It's probably my fault since I'm the one that decided to knit it and I'm the one who actually knit it and I'm the one who picked out more yarn and made a small log cabin-type square out of it but I blame that little square.

I have a problem.

For any of you who don't know me, I kinda have a problem with scrap blankets. I love them. I love everything about them. I love picking out the colors, I love going through my stash of scraps, I love finding new patterns. I just love them SO MUCH. I save every bit of yarn I have, no matter how small it is because if it isn't going to one of my numerous blankets I have started then it's used for stuffing toys if/when I ever make one. You could call me a hoarder or obsessive but really I'm just being smart. I'm using all of the bits that others don't want or would throw away and I'm using them to make blankets. I have at least four right now (all under the Charity Blanket project title) that I'm planning on donating as soon as I finish them. I'm also saving money because as a broke ass-post-college grad who has no job and still can't find one, my yarn budget is nonexistent. I don't buy yarn, especially not for myself or for any project that I want to make for me. All of the yarn I buy goes towards presents for other people.

You could say I'm selfless but really I'm just broke.

So instead of working on another prototype sock so I can type up another pattern and get it out to test knitters, I am playing with scraps and making squares for a completely new blanket.

My name is Leigh and I have a problem.

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