Friday, July 12, 2013

What has gotten into me? (Day 8 KEDfaY)

I hate lace.

I am really bad at counting which I know, at 24 years old, is probably something that I should have mastered by now, but alas, that's not so. Being bad at counting is a problem when knitting lace.

I also tend to not pay attention while I'm knitting and this project is already the perfect example. I actually started this last night and got through about 9 rows of the first chart before I ripped it out. Why? Because I didn't pay attention to the decreases and just presumed that all of them were k2togs even though the key for the charts clearly says otherwise.

But for some reason, I have to knit lace right now. It's like when you have to have a steak right now or you have to go for a walk or you have to watch reruns of Friends again. There's no rhyme or reason as to why you HAVE to you just do.

So I'm knitting lace.

I'm not even knitting simple lace, I'm knitting something relatively complex. Why? Probably because I'm officially insane.

I also knit on my sock prototype #2. It's getting close to begin done. I probably have another inch or so to knit before the ribbing and calling it done. That's sorta lacy but not enough to squash this craving of lace.

Maybe it's because my brain is telling me it's bored and wants something challenging to do. That would make sense since I haven't really done much since the semester ended. I've had the mental break I needed and now I need something stimulating.

Or it could be that I've finally had the break in sanity that I needed to become completely insane and decide lace is a good idea. We'll know for sure if I decide to try steeking next.

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