Friday, July 19, 2013

Finished Friday (Day 15 KEDfaY)

I finished my shawl! I did that last night so it doesn't count as my knitting for the day but I'm still proud of it nonetheless. I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn because I had a skein of laceweight that started out at 440 yds but some of it was lost to moths (stupid moths) and the appx. length I had for it was 375 yds. Fortunately though I had enough. I didn't even have to sweat the bind off too much. I didn't have enough of another repeat or another row even, most likely, but I had enough to bind off.

Now I get to figure out how to block this thing. I have absolutely no blocking tools. I don't even have pins. I think I might pick up a box or two of pins this weekend and use our couch to block it. Since our TV is set up in the bedroom, we don't use our living room that much so our couch would be perfect for it. 

And here's my proof that I knit today. I didn't do much, just a couple of rows. I've had a really lazy day today. I woke up with a headache that won't go away no matter how nicely I ask it to. Add an incredibly sore hand left over from the marathon knitting the other night and I just plum don't feel like knitting right now. I did a couple of rows while watchin' youtube videos. So I knit, albeit not a lot, today. At least I knit though!

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