Sunday, July 28, 2013

Movie Time! (Day 24 KEDfaY)

My hat is currently at that point where it is just a tube. I haven't really knit a lot on it today, just about a row, but I knit a lot on it yesterday while the Boyfriend and I were at the movies. Today I made the mistake of going to Netflix without any idea of what I wanted to watch so instead of knitting on my hat and watching something, I just browsed through the options until I gave up and started dicking around online again. This happens to me a lot. This happens to me so much that I pretty much don't go to Netflix unless I have something specific in mind. 

But back to yesterday and the movie.

The Boyfriend and I decided to go see Pacific Rim. We made a very good choice. It was a pretty normal movie outing including someone commenting on me knitting during the previews. He and his female companion were reading books and he looked over at me, chuckled and said, "I'm glad we're not the only ones." I then continued to knit through most of the movie. I stopped after the second act because it was getting good and I was forgetting to move my hands and actually knit. 

Pacific Rim got relatively mediocre critical reviews but everyone that I know who has seen it says it's one of the best movies of the year. And I have to agree. Sure the humor wasn't always polished enough to nail the punchline but it was entertaining. Most importantly though, it did something for me that a lot of movies don't do, at least not any more. It made me want to see it again. Not only see it again but learn everything there is to know about the characters. Each character was so interesting and well developed that they'd have to make a whole series to devote to these characters. The movie made me want to learn more not in a way that I thought they didn't give the audience enough information but in a way that they just piqued my interest. If there was a graphic novel series in production right now, I would totally buy it when it came out. And I think that this interest is something that doesn't happen with a lot of movies any more. Either you learn all about the characters in the 90 minutes of screen time or you know you're going to get a sequel in 18 months or they just aren't that interesting. It isn't like after seeing the Hobbit or any of the super hero movies that I can go out and read all about them. All audiences have of the Pacific Rim world is that movie and that's it. I want to know more. If there were more movies or a comic series, I would be all over it. You hear that, del Toro? Make a graphic novel series, plzkthx.

That's my 2 cents. You should go see Pacific Rim too. I recommend taking something simple to knit. 

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