Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekday Disorientation (Day 14 KEDfaY)

You ever have one of those days when you wake up and you think all day that it is Wednesday and then at 4 pm you find out that it's not and that it's actually Thursday? And what's worse is that you went through the whole day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday? 

That happened to me today. 

I don't really know why but I was completely lost on what day it actually was today. I had to check my phone. Even after reading online that people had plans for today, THURSDAY, I thought that they were obviously wrong or were talking about tomorrow. So there's that.

I also stayed up all night last night. I never did that really in college. I can count a handful of times that I pulled an allnighter. I am definitely one of those people who needs their 8 hours of beauty sleep to not be a royal bitch to everyone and everything alive. I can go about a day or two with less but after that I can make no promises about your wellbeing when speaking to me, near me or of me. 

I haven't been sleeping well lately and I'm not quite sure why. I have introduced caffeine back into my diet but small amounts, much less than what I was drinking. And it isn't that I haven't been sleeping well, but instead of being tired at 10 or 11 and being asleep by midnight, I'm not falling asleep until 1:30ish. It wouldn't really matter except that the Boyfriend has to be up at 6:30 for work. You can see where the problem develops. Instead of laying in bed last night until I felt tired and eventually fell asleep, I just stayed up. My idea was that I would just stay up until I felt tired and then go to bed. I didn't feel tired until 5:30. At that point, I just decided to stay up until the Boyfriend got up because I knew he would be grouchy if I woke him up coming to bed an hour before his alarm went off. He might be the only person in the world that I know that gets grouchier than I do with less than normal amounts of sleep. I don't know it's that my sleep cycle is just messed up or if I'm battling insomnia or something else. It's definitely something I'm going to be watching in the next few weeks and you, dear reader, get to read all about it! Aren't you lucky? (I probably won't talk about it again. Not because it's personal or whatever but because it would get boring, posting every day about how much sleep I got and how good it was and what have you.)

So I stayed up and knit all night. I am about three rows and the bind off from finishing my shawl and I'm pretty excited about it. The last lace row might need to be fixed though since I was pretty tired at that point and there was lots of counting and YOs and while I might've just learned the new skill of counting, I don't trust my sleepy self to count correctly.

I might've accidentally'd the whole season of Orange is the New Black. It's a new show on Netflix about a women's prison and is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while and has one of the greatest casts of characters that are really well developed. It is definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it. And don't take just my opinion on it, pretty much everyone else online is in love with it too so take the internet's opinion. They weren't wrong about cats, were they?

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