Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A real post, I promise! (Day 151 KEDfaY)

See! A real post today! Look at me go!

I've honestly been knitting on my brother's Christmas present, Supa Sekrit Project #2, so I can't show pictures because I know he's a nosy little shit who would go looking for hints and clues and has at least once. His is a big project that I don't know if I'll get done before Christmas or before I leave for Christmas so he might get a very fantastically wrapped IOU.

Every year for Christmas, we wrap each other's present in the most ridiculous way possible. Last year his present was wrapped in tamper resistant tape. That's the level we get to with that. I already have a plan for this year, I just need a present to wrap. It's going to be awesome.

In other news, I'm waiting to hear back from someone I'm doing a commission for. I'm knitting a stocking for her daughter which should go quickly, I just need to get her preferences before I start. The last thing I want is to knit something for someone that they hate, you know? I'm also going to be doing a stocking for her boyfriend but she said it could wait until after the new year.

What else?

The Boyfriend and I have met our future cat. A friend of mine in the local knit group helps run a cat rescue and she found our future cat and heard that we were wanting a second one and figured the new cat would be a perfect match. We did a house visit where he came and chilled at our place for about an hour and he is going to be a perfect companion to Pebble, our current cat, and us. He was friendly and cuddly and ready to move in that day. The only reason why we didn't is because we don't want to get a new cat and then go away for a week, which we're getting ready to do.

I'm very excited about Christmas. I've been wanting to go back to Indiana to visit for months now and I am so looking forward to this trip. Not the whole flying alone thing, but the trip home is going to be good. I'm very much looking forward to it!

Now to just finish all these darn presents! (In all actuality, I only have 3 that I need to finish they're just all time consuming really.)

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