Friday, December 13, 2013

Slippers! (Day 161 KEDfaY)

I've never felted anything before. On purpose at least.

I have a lot of knitting skills under my belt that would make me a "qualified" knitter but one thing I haven't tried is felting.

That is until tomorrow. 

My mom's Christmas present is going to be a pair of felted slippers. They're going to be pink bunnies and they're going to be awesome. I just have to figure out how I'm going to felt them. I know that I have options the problem is that I just don't know which one I want to use. Do I want to hand felt them so I know they won't felt too much or do I want to chuck them in the wash and hope for the best? This is where I'm at because I honestly don't know. All of the bits are knit for the slippers, I just need to felt it so I can then put them together and mark one more thing off of my to-do list before I leave Florida for Indiana in about a week and a few hours. I am very excited about this trip. Excited and anxious because it will be the first time ever that I'm flying alone and I hate flying when I know someone so flying by myself will truly be a terrifying experience, I'm sure. 

Things I need to knit before my trip though:
- Finish Supa Sekrit Project #2
- A chestburster bursting out of a uterus. 
      So my friend Onyx asked for a chestburster bursting out of uterus. Because of the awesomeness of it, I had to say yes so I need to do that before the trip too. 

I definitely think I can make my deadlines. I hope so at least. 

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