Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Prepping (Day 179 KEDfaY)

Today is my first day since getting back where I didn't have to unpack or do laundry (except fold the load in the dryer right now) or anything else and can do whatever I want. This is odd since I've been working on other projects for other people for a very long time and now I have the chance to do whatever I want! MUAHAHAHA!

So I cleaned.

I cleaned up my yarn area because it has definitely gotten out of hand and it was difficult to just maneuver the area. But now it's all tidy and waiting for me to start the next big project. In the next year, I want to knit a pi shawl, ala Elizabeth Zimmermann, and a fair isle vest that is nerdy to the max. I should also probably work on some of the projects that I have laying around on various needles and cables.

Oh, like this one, mayhaps?

Since it isn't the start of the new HPKCHC term yet (shut up, I know I'm a nerd, get over it), I don't want to start anything new and I don't really want to work on the second sock that I need to finish since when they do get finished, I have to mail them and ugh, mailing things. So I pulled this bad boy out and started working on it. I've finally got some more black scraps, which is why I put it on hold for a while. One day it'll get finished. Maybe it will be my "need an easy project and don't want to work on anything else right now" project. It's great TV/Youtube/Netflix knitting.

To me, it is always nice to take a few moments before the new year and just prepare yourself. Last year was a doozy and I don't expect next year to be any better/worse, but taking a couple of moments to just face the universe and say, "I'm ready. Let's do this."

Happy New Year.

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